Leia Activewear

Design branding for Leia Activewear, targeting women with a mission to empower them through high-quality activewear, aiming to foster brand recognition and confidence among the target audience, thereby enhancing market presence and appeal

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Collaborating closely with Reem AlSane, the visionary behind Leia, our focus was on capturing the essence of her mission to empower women through high-quality activewear. Recognizing the challenge of defining the target audience amidst aspirations to cater to both men and women markets, our strategic approach centered on a deep exploration of her underlying ethos as a personal instructor. We discovered insights into the unique needs and aspirations of the female market. Leveraging this profound understanding, we embarked on a journey to align Leia's brand identity exclusively with women—a decision informed by Reem's intimate knowledge of their struggles and desires. Our collaborative process culminated in a refined brand strategy tailored to resonate with the female demographic, encapsulating Reem's commitment to fostering confidence and empowerment among women through activewear.


By realigning Leia's brand focus exclusively on women, we facilitated a seamless connection between Reem's expertise and the needs of her target audience. The strategic pivot enabled Reem to leverage her extensive experience and rapport with female clients, fostering a deeper brand connection rooted in authenticity and empathy. As a result, Leia is poised to resonate more profoundly with its target demographic, eliciting a strong emotional response and fostering lasting brand loyalty. The brand has built a strong community of women in Kuwait, aspiring together to a better, healthier lifestyle.

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