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Kamikaze Cafe

Develop custom package design for Kamikaze, focusing on capturing the intense and aromatic qualities of cold brew through Japanese-inspired illustration, aiming to enhance product appeal and brand recognition in the market

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The project commenced with a critical issue: the lack of appeal and generic nature of the packaging design. To tackle this challenge, extensive research into Japanese culture and design aesthetics was conducted to inform the direction of the design style. Subsequently, initial drafts comprising 2-3 design concepts were sketched, each aiming to capture the essence of cold brew's intense and aromatic characteristics. Through iterative refinement, the decision was made to incorporate a Japanese ninja character as the focal point of the design, chosen for its ability to effectively convey the desired qualities of the product. The design was meticulously illustrated, with necessary elements added to complete the composition, ensuring its alignment with the brand's vision and consumer expectations.


The culmination of our efforts resulted in a revitalized packaging design that not only addresses the initial issue of lackluster appeal but also effectively communicates the unique qualities of the cold brew product. By incorporating a Japanese ninja character as the central motif, the design successfully captures the intense and aromatic nature of the beverage, resonating with consumers on a visual and emotional level. The meticulously crafted packaging design is poised to enhance the product's shelf presence and consumer engagement, driving increased interest and sales. Furthermore, the field-testing phase provides valuable insights into consumer preferences and perceptions, allowing for further refinement and optimization of the packaging design to ensure its continued effectiveness in the market.

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