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Website development for Flooz, an online cryptocurrency marketplace, to support a marketing campaign aimed at increasing signups

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The project involved the development of a website for Flooz, focusing on creating a platform to host interactive community games and support the marketing campaign in Nigeria. Tasked with this project, I collaborated with the Flooz team to develop a custom website that incorporated branded designs, videos, and design elements. Key functionalities included the integration of the community game setup to engage users and generate leads. Our process included thorough planning, design conceptualization, and development iterations to ensure the seamless execution of the website and its core features.


The developed website for Flooz is expected to drive engagement and conversion during the marketing campaign in Nigeria. The interactive community games will serve as a valuable tool for lead generation, enabling Flooz to capture user interest and convert leads into customers through targeted email marketing efforts. Over the one-month campaign period, the website will play a pivotal role in attracting signups and promoting brand awareness in the Nigerian market. Following the campaign, the transition of the domain to the general Flooz website will ensure continuity in providing cryptocurrency services to users beyond the targeted campaign period.

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