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Combined Group Contracting (CGC)

Web design for Combined Group Contracting, with a focus on enhancing UI design, usability, and SEO capabilities, through a powerful branded web design.

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Collaborating with Poixel, our task involved developing a branded web design and development strategy tailored to Combined Group Contracting's requirements. Key objectives included enhancing UI design, improving usability, and integrating powerful features for SEO optimization. Our process entailed thorough analysis, design conceptualization, and development iterations to ensure the seamless implementation of essential functionalities for content updating and SEO enhancement. Through collaborative efforts, we delivered a revamped website that met the client's needs while aligning with their brand identity and goals.


The newly revamped website for Combined Group Contracting is expected to drive improved user engagement, enhanced brand recognition, and increased online visibility. The updated UI design and improved usability will contribute to a positive user experience, leading to higher user interaction and retention. Additionally, the integration of powerful SEO features will help boost the website's search engine rankings and online presence, ultimately driving more traffic and inquiries. Overall, the revamped website is poised to position Combined Group Contracting as a prominent player in the contracting industry, reinforcing its leadership status in the Middle East market.

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Please be aware that the website may have gone change over time by the client themselves
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