Key Branding Collaborations in Kuwait: Insights and Trends for 2024

June 30, 2024
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Ali Saeed
June 30, 2024
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Brand collaborations have become a cornerstone of effective marketing strategies, particularly in dynamic markets like Kuwait.

These partnerships allow brands to leverage each other's strengths, reach new audiences, and create unique value propositions.

In this article, we'll examine some of the latest brand collaborations in Kuwait, analyze their impact, and provide insights on how business owners and marketing experts can harness similar strategies for their businesses.

Xcite + City Hypermarket

Customers who purchase from Xcite online receive a 3KD voucher to shop at City Hypermarket.

This collaboration is a prime example of a win-win partnership.

Xcite, an online electronics retailer, partnered with City Hypermarket to drive cross-traffic between their online and physical stores.

The ease of online shopping and the voucher incentive encourage customers to visit the City Hypermarket, increasing foot traffic and potential sales for both stores.

Successful brand collaborations should prioritize customer convenience and seamless integration.

Business owners should look for partners whose services complement their own, creating a hassle-free customer experience.

Careem + Argan Bedaya

Careem provided special discount codes are provided for traveling to Argan Bedaya.

This collaboration focuses on convenience and accessibility.

Careem encourages customers to visit these specific locations by offering discount codes for travel.

This boosts business for the partnering establishments and reinforces Careem's value proposition of reliable and affordable transportation.

The key to success here is ensuring a smooth and pleasant customer experience, likely encouraging users to continue using Careem for their travel needs.

Understanding and targeting specific customer segments is crucial.

Identifying common customer needs and preferences can help brands effectively tailor their collaborations. + Bank Al Tijari

On Thursdays, the first 150 AlTijari cardholders visiting the Sabah Salem branch after 8 AM receive a free coffee and butter croissant.

This partnership effectively boosts the brand image of Bank AlTijari, enhancing customer engagement.

People look forward to Thursdays because the next day is the weekend.

Hence, the brand entices customers to visit their brand on Thursdays by offering a tangible reward, creating an opportunity for both brands to interact with their audience. 

This collaboration increases footfall and promotes the bank's services in a casual, friendly environment, fostering stronger customer relationships.

Talabat + Spotify

Customers using 500 reward points from Talabat earn two months of free Spotify Premium, applicable only to first-time Spotify users.

This collaboration aims to introduce Spotify Premium to new users via Talabat's extensive customer base.

However, the requirement to accumulate 500 reward points might limit its appeal to only frequent Talabat users.

With emerging competitors like Jahez offering better prices, Talabat must ensure its service experience and rewards system remain compelling to retain and attract users.

The success of any brand collaboration hinges on the quality of the customer experience.

Brands should deliver consistent, high-quality experiences to build trust and loyalty.

Brand Collaboration Trends

Brand collaborations in Kuwait focus on enhancing customer convenience and accessibility, offering tangible rewards, and targeting specific customer segments.

Cross-traffic partnerships between online or physical stores, travel discounts to specific business locations, and exclusive rewards tied to particular banking services are some of the emerging trends. 

These collaborations prioritize delivering a smooth and pleasant customer experience while fostering stronger customer relationships and engagement.


Brand collaborations in Kuwait showcase the potential of marketing to enhance visibility, reach new customers, and drive business growth.

Business owners and marketing experts can develop impactful strategies that resonate with their audience and achieve lasting success by understanding the principles behind successful collaborations—such as customer convenience, targeted incentives, and high-quality experiences.

Proper brand identity is important for achieving successful marketing opportunities. Contact us to develop branding in Kuwait.


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